Wednesdays Winners….

So on Thursday we had 3 well-mannered winners

The first was Kyle!!

“My vote is for the generous Kyle, he respected the whole table by buying us all some yummy pistachio nuts. I had a great time cracking those little bad boys open.”

“I want to vote for Kyle, he respected the office by aking all the rubbish down from the spring clean. lovely :)”


The second was Kieran!!!

“I am going to vote for Kieran he is mega polite and always respectful with anyone and everyone he comes in contact with”

“I vote for Kieran cos he said something really nice & respectful earlier in the office (but I can’t remember what it was now :D!)”


and last but certainly not least James!!

“I would like to vote for James we worked together and we respectfully shared the spoils”

“I will vote for Jamesy Adair. Because I believe he is very respectful to all, old and young ”

Well done guys!!!

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