Wednesdays Winners

So the winners for Wednesday vote were….

The Amazing Anthony.. Here he is as a Bollywood model

“I am thankful for Ant because he made me a dead nice brew today”

“I’m thank full to Ant for saving the day!!”

and also the Outstanding Ollie, here he is eating a chilli

“Ollie – he gave us haribo yummy yum! For which I am very thankful”

“I am going to vote for Ollie, he has been working his little socks off today and fixing problems while still having time to show gratitude to his colleagues too Smile

Well done guys Smile

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7 Responses to Wednesdays Winners

  1. Debbie Higham says:

    Well done Guys Smile

  2. Kieran Kavanagh says:

    Looking gooooood Ant

    Well done Peeps

  3. Sam says:

    Ant – how do you find time for a modelling career too?? Nice sunnies!

    Well done you two Smile

  4. Dave says:

    Ollie looks like he’s trying to simulate something? I cant think what though

  5. Georgia says:

    Amazing pictures again Grin

  6. Sam Wall says:

    Nice work guys.

    Cool pics too Wink

  7. Matty says:

    Ollie there showing he’ll be a lovely wife one day!

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