PALovian of the Week!!

After a few weeks off, we thought its about time we had a new PALovian of the week and we looked no further than our brilliant finance team and in the direction of Mr Oliver Gatley :)

Hi Ollie, thanks for being this week’s PALovian, can you explain exactly what you do here at PAL?
I work in accounts payable and look after the supplier accounts, watching the outgoings and paying the bills

What has been your biggest achievement?
Not losing it completely haha erm no I would say getting on top of a massive invoice backlog and finishing my first year of AAT (an accountancy course) in a few months

What is the best thing about working for PAL?
The people I work with!

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go first and why?
I would say South Beach Miami because I went as a kid and I loved it. Now I am over 21, so I could ideally sit by the pool or south beach all day with vodka & lemonades then hit the clubs at night and meet some nice American girls!
Accents do it for me!

Tell us 2 interesting facts about yourself
I have owned a dangerous pet spider and a boa constrictor snake, don’t ask why!
I have also just started boxing again and I will be getting fit and competing at amateur level this year. Unfortunately This means spending a lot more time away from the pub and more time going on long runs and in the gym at the weekends.

Tell us your most embarrassing moment
There’s been quite a few but I have chosen this one as its more reader friendly! My mum went away a few years ago and I didn’t know how to use the dishwasher, I was not aware that you put an actual tablet thing in it, so I filled the dishwasher, and poured a shed load of fairy liquid in side. Few hours later, I came down to the kitchen to find I had caused a big flood of foam and bubbles! I am a bit more erm home wise now and I’m learning. I can whip up a good stir fry, its tidy!

If you knew today was your last day on Earth, how would you spend it and why?
I would spend it with my son, family and friends. It would have to be sunny – 25 degrees plus, with Peroni on Tap. Also I would have to have a lamb madras with chips and pilau rice. I don’t ask for much in life!  P.S Also if it was my last day on earth I would also take  a Porsche 911 for a joyride for an hour!


Thanks Ollie!! :)

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