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And the winners for September are….

Blakes 7…again!!

Well done guys!!

They won September’s core value vote by having the most points won by fulfilling the Core Values 2-5 the best!

After they had so much fun chasing other in laser quest we thought we would send them to something a bit more laid back with a spot of bowling :D

Here are some of the happy team dressed up for the charity day

There were also 2 other winners from September in the forms of Kyle and Dave S who really shone out as mega stars for doing so well- well done guys!!


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Mission #22…. Complete!!

So this Mission was just very simple and it was ‘Make Someone Happy’

This is what we try to achieve everyday here at PAL that’s why our tag-line is ‘Be Extraordinary’

And here is how some of the PALovians achieved this

Katie: I made Debbie very happy completing the task she asked me to do which was re tasking 155 tasks from someone else’s dashboard to her tasks.
Sophie: I printed and cut out a copy of the core values for both Steve, Blake and Sam AND in addition I also cut them out into pretty shapes, they all were totes wowed by this act of kindness.
I also made Dave Smirthwaite happy at lunchtime by accidently flashing my knickers at him ;)

Kylie: So I made a customer happy today, Pa just by speaking to him – he said I have a lovely accent!

Hollie: I made Mark Basnett happy by giving him his KPI’s for last week which showed an improvement on all aspects of his Department.

Dan: Making people happy, I made a few people happy today but none more than Samantha Day when she managed to sniff out some sweets on my desk.
Being a very kind person and wanting to make people happy, I obvious offered her some and she proclaimed that she was very happy.
I also gave Dave Smirthwaite I cuddle to start the day.

Natalie: I made Brian, one of customers very happy by talking to him, not about his toilet, but about his holidays and discussing the weather and he was so happy he told me he was going to send me bargainatious prices to do scuba diving in Tenerife as he knows a person who knows a person!


But overall it had to be NEIL for this amazing way he made someone happy

Neil: Let’s see, I have made a customer Zac happy by making sure he knows about how to connect up the electric shower’s he has ordered, also I have made Jade, one of our customers, happy by setting up an email address so that she can receive email’s from us here at PAL (admittedly this was Ant’s idea but I made it happen) so we can keep her happy by receiving and then fulfilling all her jobs :)


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Mission #23….Complete!!

So the Blakes 7 team thought of this days mission which was ‘Say I Love You’ -You have to say I love you to another team member, customer or supplier at least once in the day.

So we all took up the challenge and here were the results…

Dan: I have told the whole of ye house that I love them…making them feel warm and cosy inside.
I have also sent a thank you card to one of my suppliers saying  “I love them” because they gave me excellent service
I have also told a new  supplier I loved them and they were my new love after helping me out with an order

Katie: I sent an email round to all of Blake 7 when everyone was feeling tired as it was getting to the end of a long day telling them I love you

Sam H: I told Blake that I loved him for just being him.  He told me he loved me first thing this morning and has been giving me ‘looks’ all day.  It got weird.

Kieran: I told Dan of ye house how much I loved him and expressed this in the form of song and dance. Which was a one off performance and never to be repeated.
Dan’s face was a picture, a picture of either pure disgust or sheer amazement at my routine.
I also told a lady from a skip company that I loved her when she provided me with a reference number, however she did not find the funny side of it and simply sighed.
She will not be getting a song and dance routine. :lol:

Sharan: I heard Dave Roberts saying he is starving and has 2 hours left to home time. I saw him distressed so I offered him some chocolate and said I love you as don’t like to people suffering :)


But the overall winner had to be JAMES for this achievement

James:  I told Neil, one of our suppliers that I loved him.
There was silence I felt very stupid then he replied
I love you too.
All very embarrassing, but I do love him as he looks after me whenever I need help with jobs.
(You can check call recordings too made the call at 16.21)

We did in fact check this and the conversation was lovely, if not a little bit awkward :D

Well done James!! And here he is showing a bit of love <3




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Mission #21… Complete!!

So we started off a new week with the mission ‘Random Act of Kindness’ which was nominated by team Ye House

here are some of the many, many votes …. We are ever so kind here at PAL


James: My Random act of Kindness was when a customer called through on the TOP CRANE Hire line and she thought that she was calling a knitting company. I explained that we do not do Winnie the pooh cross stitching patterns but we can hire her a crane, she declined the offer of a crane on hire.
Her little heart sank as I told her this, so I went on tinterweb and goggled it for her and found a young lady by the name of Ethel who was a dealer in her area, she was totes amazed.

Debbie: I have offered to paint the chill out room on Sunday and finish it :)

Kieran: I have been table Ye Houses water boy. Trudging along the office to the kitchen on a regular basis and carrying back water jugs for the team keeping us hydrated

Tom: My act of kindness for today………………… told the receptionist that she looked nice and brown, even though she looked like a boiled lobster

Hollie: I randomly tidied Ollie’s desk for him for before he came in with the hope that it will remain that way.  :)

Sam: I’d like this to go to Sharan from me because she has been thoughtful and brought a fan in for the team to help keep them cool

Neil: I told Mark and Tom that they were doing really well, when they looked a little down :( It seemed to cheer them up enormously at 17:15 on a Monday afternoon!!


But the overall winner had to be DAN for this lovely act of kindness

Dan: I found out today that one of our suppliers had an accident while on a job, where he broke a couple of ribs after falling from a roof.
My random act was to send a get well card to make the poor guy feel better.

Aww how lovely, and here Dan is giving Kieran a massage- his random act of kindness for today!! :lol:



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Mission #20…. Complete!!

Well this one was voted for by The Brass Band and it was ‘Love Thy Neighbour’

They said: Love thy neighbour – show your colleagues some love, they help us out every day and can really be the support needed in tough times

And here were the votes:

Craig: I told Avril @ 3PL I loved her when she managed to get an order out for me late on Friday for delivery on a Saturday morning.

Kylie: I help you (Georgia) out with the mission questions today and you had a bloody good time doing it [We basically palyed a PAL Quiz :)]

Deb: Since moving in my new apartment I always ask Enid who is about 79 who need to have her hip replaced does she want anything from the shop

Dan: Ive shown a lot of love to my neighbour’s today as I do every day, I offered to help kylie out, I then had to show love to team ye house by running round helping them with orders.
I showed lots of love to Katie when she pulled the “Im the Boss Card” to answer a question in the Quizz. Even though I had the correct answer I showed love by letting Katie get it wrong and didn’t rub it in to much.

Katie: I feel I have  shown lots of love today by planning out a fun day! Love for PAL’s and The Christies :)

But the overall winners had to be ANT AND HOLLIE!!!

Ant: I have shown everyone a bit of managerial love today by having mid month meetings and letting everyone know where there up to an d how good they are

Hollie: I showed love to Sharan by reassuring Sam that I could cover her work whilst they were both away from the office so that she could have an afternoon off for a Religious event.

‘n here they be!! Arrr!!


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Mission #19… Complete!!

So Mission 19 was chosen by The Number Jumblers (the finance department :)) and was ‘Make Someone Laugh’

Here some of the rubbish jokes that were going round :D

  • What is faster Hot or cold?
    Hot, cause you can catch a cold
  • Two fishes A and B were in a tank, what did A say to B?
    How do you drive this thing
  • How do you wake up Lady gaga?
    You Poke(her) face
  • Why did the bee get married?
    Because he found his honey.
  • What do you call a boomerang that doesn’t come back?
    A stick


But here were the achievements..

Kieran: Boom 10.19am made a gentleman laughing discussing his skip needs whilst he’s abroad and he had a giggle in pure shock that id wished him a happy holiday.

Sharan: I was speaking to customer and needed his email address to email invoice
He said mark@groupline-
I thought he said hyphen and asked him how do you spell that…
He found it so funny and said he has waited all his life for someone to ask him that, he meant –
…..I laughed with him as I found it so funny and then told accounts.

Neil: Well let’s see, I made Mark B laugh when I told him one of his order’s had the wrong number on it and that I called it twice before I realized that it was a PAL Hire number (I got through to Kieran & then Kyle) I am sure I have made a couple of customer’s laugh with my pronunciation of address’s and what not, in general, I am just a ninja of chuckles.

James: I was in the middle of a booking when my brew arrived from the great Mark Basnett along with the yummy brew he had a gift…. A tin of lovely cured ham! I made my customer laugh by informing her the village idiot gave me the wrong brew and a tin of cured ham. Ohhhh we laughed and then she ordered :D

But the overall winner had to be DEBBIE!!!!

Debbie: I have made 2 of my clients laugh today when I sent them the Quizzical joke the made me both laugh when they replied both the same
What a load of b****cks :)
Thats b****cks!
I also made all the staff at the offices of one of my customers, when I sent the get well card that I did for him, and his PA put it up on his notice board

Here she is enjoying the sun here at PAL HQ!!

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Help us Give the Big C the Heave-Ho

PAL Hire, is helping to raise £2000 for Christies, in memory of a local 19-year-old cancer victim.

Chelsea Robb, from Stockport, had beaten cancer twice before her 18th birthday but sadly passed away on 17th March 2011 at just 19 years of age. Her best friend, Katie Pugh, 19, works for the Cheadle Hulme-based company, who are now pulling together to help her raise £2000 for The Christie Young Oncology Unit through organising a fancy dress charity day on Friday 27th July.

“When I started working at PAL Hire, the company asked me to list my goals and objectives in life, as well as work,” said Katie.

“One of my goals is to raise £2000 for The Christie Young Oncology Unit by February 2013.

“It is in memory of one of my best friends, Chelsea Robb, for what would have been her 21st birthday.

“Chelsea always wanted to give something back when she was battling cancer through fund raising for The Christie, so I have decided to carry this on in her memory. I’m amazed that my employers have chosen to help me achieve this.”

Here is Katie being interviewed about this by our Managing Director, Katy Attwood:

To raise the money and achieve Katie’s goal at PAL Hire’s headquarters on Station Road in Cheadle Hulme, there will a fancy dress theme, with every person at the company having to dress up as something beginning with ‘C’ – the ‘C’ being for both Chelsea and Christies. If you’re shopping or eating out in Cheadle Hulme on Friday, don’t be surprised if you get accosted by someone dressed up as Caesar or a Cleopatra!

With the 27th July also being the opening day of the London Olympics, the staff at PAL Hire will be running with an office Olympics theme. There will be office chair races, waste paper basketball and paper aeroplane javelin, with many more competitions planned throughout the day.

PAL Hire chairman, Mark Attwood, said: “We take a great deal of interest in trying to establish what our employees dreams and ambitions are, as I believe there is no point in working for a company unless that company is helping you achieve them.

“When Katie joined us recently, we were all touched by Chelsea’s story and wanted to chip in and help. Plus, it fits in perfectly with our Core Values”

To help us raise fund for this, please go here:

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Mission #18…. Complete!!

So last Wednesday team ‘Ye House’ decided that the mission for that day would be ‘Keep Optimistic’

Also if anyone was negative they lost a point :D

So here are some PALovians achievements

Sam: I’ve had a finance meeting today and managed not to say anything negative throughout the whole thing which is a big achievement! :D

Katie: I have kept very optimistic today doing my work even when the internet was really starting to get on my nerves I carried on without being negative and giving up.

Craig: I’ve kept optimistic that TheGoalkeeperCo is going to have its best month ever, and that I will get to the end of a 553 item list that require pictures inputting into the system

Dave R: I remained optimistic that Craig would finally bring in my copy of Craig David, Born To Do It album and he did not disappoint! A cracking listen from start to finish

Blake: I was optimistic that I would get some website tweaks done on a website AND use a stupid wordpress plugin that I have never seen in my life, fix it and have it done all before 3pm!

Hollie: I am being very optimistic that the people who we are buying our house will move out within 2 months so that we can move in asap :)


But the overall winner had to Mark with a little help from Sharan!!

Sharan: Mark Basnett was waiting for chq on Tuesday and I reassured and kept OPTIMISTIC that the cheque will arrive today…and it did….thankgod

Mark B: Today I have been optimistic in my own ability’s.. I have worked on a big deal for quite a few weeks stressing as it was for the Olympics, finally the cheque arrived and its booked on and I have achieved my best ever day in my PAL history/career …

Here they are looking very optimistic over a cheque :)


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Mission #17….. Complete!!

So as we are now competing it was up to all the PALovians to vote for what mission they wanted to achieve and the first one was- Be Polite, where everyone had to be extra polite to each other.

So we all set out to be extra polite to everyone, and here are the achievements

Katie: I have been polite to all customers on the phone, I have been polite to Debbie even after she thought it was a good idea to put a plastic bag over my head and call me a bag head. Cheers Debs :D

Kieran: I am a polite young chap I always use my please’ and Thanking you’s.
I paid Dan a couple of compliments today about his Saturday night fever look he is rocking today and his eyes which sometimes when it’s a bit late in the afternoon I often gaze in to and get lost for a little while.
I sang along to a load of classics and changed the key word to Daintry each and every time to which table A were highly amused.
I smiled all day :)

Kylie: I have continued to be polite to our suppliers today, I am on a day to day basis to make sure our order get sent out and sometimes I have to suck up a bit and give out some fake laughs (which I have learned to do so from Ants fakes laughs)….….now this may not always be correct but at least it gets me there!

Natalie: I always make sure I say please and thank you to every single customer and fellow PAL’s just like mummy Ayre taught me!

Kyle: I think I am renowned for how polite I am so I found today’s task quite difficult….. to elaborate, how can you be extra polite when your already 100% polite all the time, every day???
Saying this I had a call from a customer earlier today and they said “I spoke to a polite young chap this morning and I would like to speak to him again” we continued to talk and found out that the person she was speaking to was actually me!!!
How good is that??

Hollie: I was very polite when I tried to  arrange a meeting with Katy & Steve for about the 100th time in 2 weeks. I could have become very frustrated, but instead of being forceful or insistent I remained gentle in my request as I appreciate how busy they both are.


But overall the winner had to be……….DAVE S!!! Because of these 2 votes

Dave S: I was polite today as I said ‘thank you’ 76 times and ‘please’ 48 times

Mark B: Not that I am allowed to vote for anyone else, but I would like to vote for Dave S today please he is always asking to help and offer to call suppliers and customers when we are all busy so makes things a lot easier and that is what PAL is all about…

How lovely :) and here is is being extra polite and making people a BBQ

Excellent :D


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Mission #16…. Complete!!

So to start the week off we decided to really think about the Core Values and ask everyone to think about value #1 and ‘Amaze Someone’

We also have decided to make it a little competitive between departments and we now earn points for winning and loose points for not achieving

Here are some of the AMAZING votes

Kylie: I have amazed myself  by getting all of the skip orders brokered today, 24 up to now with no help on top of the toilet, containers and fencing orders!

Dave R: I amazed not only my colleagues but myself by being in a “Decent Mood” on a Monday :D

Matt: I amazed anyone in earshot when I came up with the name “Ye House”.
I amazed Kieran and Dan by making brews all day.
I amazed the world with my orders.
I amazed myself with my quick witted comeback to Kieran of “you’re small get over it, oh no you can’t because you’re too small to get over anything”.
I amazed Hollie by getting our Solicitors and Surveyors sorted.
I amazed Katy by referring to myself as “Being on fire”.

Blake: I have amazed Steve on fixing a website in  seconds!

Dan: Today I managed to amaze a customer, he had an order with another company and had the order booked in for months. They called him late Friday to say they would only do it if they received more money.
He called me at 5:30 on Friday and It was too late in the day to sort it out but first thing this morning I found a supplier to do it and get back to him before 9am, which we was extremely happy saying that we had rescued him and had made the process so much easier than he expected it to be, he will continue to use us for any other requirements

Elisha: A supplier rang  up about an invoice that was in dispute, but I amazed him by already  having the problem sorted so there was no reason to ring.

Sam: I have helped to amaze someone by arranging for some flowers to be delivered to a customer who had a bad experience with one of our suppliers.
Dave R suggested it but I made it happen!


The votes we were received were all amazing, and they really showed how we strive to achieve Core Value #1 ‘Be Extraordinary with AMAZING Service’ everyday

But the overall winner had to be…..CRAIG!!!

Craig: I’ve amazed Kirsty at the warehouse today when Georgia took a phone call receiving good feedback about how amazing I’ve made things recently. She said that I had started to take ownership and things were going really well!! This compared to the feedback I got from last month’s meeting is AMAZING!!

and here is is, modest as ever!!


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