March’s MVP Announced…

So the time came for James Adair to hand over his reign in the frame, and to announce March’s winner.

So the winner was announced and it was the AMAZING Georgia Hill!!!!

Here are a few reasons why she won:

  • Georgia for constantly updating the company blogs, dedication, commitment
  • I’m voting for Georgia for completely embracing the Core Values and constantly and enthusiastically promoting them and helping all PALS to do the same.  She’s had a tough job this month with trying to think of new & fun things to help incorporate the values into what we do and on top of that she’s kept on top of blogging and being our DJ too!
  • I vote for Georgia this month because she is f**king amazing (Georgia’s actual words not mine :D) Seriously she does everything and more, she never complains and is a delight to work with and sit next to!
  • I vote for Georgia – she’s been really busy helping to sort out some problems, she organises group activities, keeps everyone updated with blogs and she’s always pleasant to have around the office. She takes her job seriously and has real passion for the company – often staying late and working from home.
  • I’m going to vote for Georgia this month because she works hard and constantly provides fun and laughs in the office, however makes sure things are kept in check aswell.


And here she is, in pride of place, on the office wall

Congratulations Georgia, a well deserved win!!

So who will be April’s winner??

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