Be Extraordinary with AMAZING Service….

So for the next 10 weeks we are going to be celebrating all of our core values again, 1 a week.

So as this is week one, we are going to be getting to grips again with being extraordinary with AMAZING service again.

Just a quick reminder what this value means to us here at PAL

At PAL, we want to amaze people by being extraordinary.

Emotionally connecting with our customers and partners and amazing them by going above and beyond what’s expected from a company at every opportunity is what makes PAL stand out.

We encourage every member of our team to be extraordinary every day.

Being extraordinary with service and experience, not with discounts or promotions, results in word of mouth which results in happier customers, happier partners, and happier team members.


So yesterday we voted for who we thought had shown this the most, so Monday’s winner turned out to be…….







What a cutie!!

Tom was voted for because with a pair of Goalkeeper Gloves that he sent out, which he knew was for a little boys birthday, he made a birthday card to go in it. He got everyone at PAL HQ to sign it and he popped it in the bag with the gloves. What a lovely thing to do and a lovely thing for the little boy to receive :)

Well Done Tom!!

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