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Numeracy Tests for All PAL Family Members

We are always aiming to improve our skills at PAL and as a business it’s pretty important that we know how good we are at maths. We will be running some numeracy tests later this month just to see who’s where and then running classes for those that need to improve their basic maths. Cool with everyone?

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PALovian Tribal Training Begins..

The small band of PALovians that have taken our tribal training challenge started in earnest last night. Now follows an eight week programme of intensive interval training mixed with paleolithic diet. Everyone has set their targets so all that remains for the rest of us is to wish them all good luck!

PALovian Tribal Training Team

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Free Seminar for all PALovians – “The Truth About Fat Loss”

As part of our drive to help all PALovians look and feel better about themselves, I’m pleased to report that we have persuaded our friends at EasyFit Personal Trainers to spend 90 minutes doing a free seminar for us on Weds 11th January at 5.30pm. It’s called: “The Truth about Fat Loss” – and, yes, I shall be attending :-)

This seminar normally costs £350 but is free to all PALovians.

Presenting on the night will be two of the UK’s leading Fat Loss experts – Graham Webb and Steve Butters.

Fat Loss & Fitness Expert Graham Webb

Fat Loss & Fitness Expert Steve Butters

They have studied under some of the world’s leading experts in exercise and nutrition. They are bestselling authors and have spent the last 10 years transforming the lives of thousands of people – from complete beginners to celebrities to international athletes.

On the night you will discover:

• Why 80% of the population will be overweight or obese by 2030
• Why the modern diet is stopping you losing weight
• Why your gym workouts may actually be causing you to get fat

And what to do about it …..

• You will learn how to lose body fat forever
• Understand the secrets of top trainers
• Learn how to exercise to create the toned look you strive for

If you want to get fit, tone up and lose lots of FAT (from your problem areas) then this workshop is a must.

Special Bonus!
All attendees will receive a free office massage during January from EasyFit’s fully trained masseuse. Please let Sam Day know you are attending or not so we can confirm numbers by Friday.



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Has PAL got the X Factor?

There’s a reason why PALovians sell skips and goalkeeper gloves rather than topping the charts, but here are Kyle and Matt giving it their all at the PAL Xmas Party 2011. Have they got the X-Factor?

Here’s Matt and Kieron whipping the PAL Xmas Party crowd into a frenzy:

Here are the awards we handed out last night:

These included “Dieter of the Year” to Georgia Hill (to be fair, she did spend a few months in Intensive Care. But the pounds did drop off!)

“Campest Straight Man”: James Adair (a man that good looking should not be straight)

“Worst Dressed Man”: Kyle Davison. ‘Nuff said, although he was strangely offended by this.

And many, many more :-)

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PAL Culture Day

We held our Culture Day on November 13th – everyone giving up their Sunday morning to discuss our hopes and dreams as a company and as individuals, plus discussing what it means to work at PAL.

Here are some of the results on video:

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PAL Hire

PAL Hire is the Hire division of PAL.

PAL Hire operates across many hire sectors in the UK primarily, specialising in tool hire, plant hire, skip hire, toilet hire, fence hire, barrier hire, container hire, hazardous waste removal, aggregates and many other site services.

PAL Hire

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PAL Ecommerce

PAL Ecommerce is the specialist ecommerce division of PAL.

We have a wide range of ecommerce websites selling various products across the world, and we’re always looking to expand. If you have an ecommerce website for sale that has untapped potential, get in touch with us.

PAL Ecommerce

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PAL Media

PAL Media is the publishing division of PAL, operating globally across print, video and online.

We are always looking to buy niche trade and consumer magazines, or partnering with people who have the ideas but not the resources to make something happen. Get in touch if this sounds like you.

PAL Media

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