April’s MVP Announced…

So the time came for someone new to take over the ‘Guilt frame of destiny’ (as Ant now calls it)

So the overall winner was…..


Here she is so happy she is punching the frame :D

Some of the votes:

  • I vote for Natalie, for settling into a challenging role quickly
  • I vote for Nat, does a absolutely cracking job.
  • I’m going to vote for Natalie.  She has really got on top of the renewals which is nice for Ollie and myself as it saves us a lot of time and aggro. She’s always happy and smiley and has fitted into the team really well.
  • I will vote for Natalie. She has applied herself admirably to her new role and has shone. She works independently but is a cracking team player.  A pleasure to have in the office.

And here she is hanging the frame in the entrance of PAL HQ, Craig had to give her a hand to actually reach the hook, haha  (Sorry Nat :D)

Massive Well Done Natalie !!!


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